Happy Monday, Everyone! 

Today is somewhat of a different post. I wanted to talk about a website that I use quite often. It’s called Ebates. If you do any shopping online, you NEED to be using this website! 

You can download the ebates app to use on your phone or tablet, or go through ebates.com on your computer.It’s free to download & free to join. Becoming a member will cost you nothing. 

 I can attest to the fact that this is 100% a legit sight & not a scam (that’s what I immediately think when I see something like this)! 

It’s very simple. Before you shop online, you either go into the app or the website. From there, you select the store that you are shopping at & go there by following the link. It will take you to the store & you will shop & checkout like normal. 

You will earn CASH BACK on your purchase which will be added to your ebates account. You’ll be paid your cash back every quarter, so 4 times a year. You can select to receive your money via check or paypal. 

Typically cash back amounts range from about 2-5% per store. They also run specials all the time where it will be double cash back for a week or so. For example, I do A LOT of shopping at Sephora & they are usually 4% cash back, but they have specials all the time for double cash back, where you’ll receive 8% back! It may seem like a small amount but if you do a lot of online shopping, it adds up! You’re spending the money & shopping anyways, why not get some of it back. It’s literally free money!

There’s hundreds & hundreds of stores that participate. Amazon, Sephora, Ulta, Walmart, Macy’s, Kohls, just to name a few…..99% of the time, where I’m buying from is a participating store. 

Below I will show you a screenshot from my account. 

My cash back balance right now is $97.28! Guys, that’s almost $100 that I’ll get back, just for buying what I was going to buy anyways! On 5/15/17 I’ll receive my cash back payment of $88.51! **I’m not sure what the exact cut off date for each quarter is, but as you can see, my payment will be $88.51. The balance of my account will be rolled over & go toward my next quarter payment.**

So, get on this & save yourself some $!! 

Again, it’s totally free to join. Why not get some of your money back?!?! 

Another bonus, if you join through THIS LINK you’ll receive a $10.00 signing bonus after you make your first purchase of $25 or more. 

On another note, I have a lot of posts coming up soon. April Favorites, a HUGE haul, product reviews, HUGE “product empties”. Stay tuned & THANK YOU so much for reading!! 😊😊😊