Scentbird is one of the monthly subscriptions I receive. Every month you receive a 30 day supply of perfume. You can either pick what you want, or they will pick for you by using the questions you answer for your profile when you sign up. The cost is $14.95 a month. Purfume is SO EXPENSIVE. My favorite, Juliette has a gun, Not a Purfume, is $100 a bottle! This is a great way to either get that perfume that you want every month, or be surprised & try out a new one every month. It’s a good amount & I’ve yet to run out before I receive my next month. 

Since joining I’ve chosen to have the same one sent to me every month. I just LOVE it! 

I received my April box today. 

The purfume comes in a cute little bag. 

You’re also sent the holder when you sign up. 

When I signed up about 6 months ago, the holder they sent me was white. Typically you’re just sent a refill (you use the same holder). This month they sent a new, red holder at no extra cost. Nice surprise! So now I have two! 

The refills are very easy to take in & out. To use it you just twist & the spray nozzle comes up. 

I’ve been very happy with it. They bill on the 15th of the month & I receive it shorty after that. It’s timely, consistent shipping & I’ve never had any problems with damage etc. It’s a great little treat each month & I highly recommend it! 

Click Here if you’re interested in signing up, your first month will be free!